29 Mar, 2024

Pork chop with roasted vegetables

Domaine du Tunnel, Domaine Lemenicier, Domaine de Lorient

Imagine yourself seated in the warm ambience of the Auberge de Crussol. Soon, in the center of the table, you'll find a beautiful pork chop, perfectly browned on the outside and incredibly tender on the inside, infused with the intoxicating aromas of garlic, rosemary and laurel.

To accompany it, vegetables just roasted over a wood fire in their simplest form. Melt-in-your-mouth butternut squash, caramelized fennel quarters and grilled mushrooms, exhaling scents of the undergrowth that awaken the senses.

To crown this feast, a virgin sauce with olive oil and fresh herbs adds a touch of freshness and acidity, enhancing every bite of this generous, comforting dish. A perfect match for Saint-Péray's whites, with their generous Marsanne and Roussanne.