One of the oldest and yet timeless AOCs in France

The AOC Saint-Péray has always represented the finesse and elegance of the great white wines of the Rhone Valley. These wines, which have long remained a well-kept secret amongst those in the know, have nevertheless graced the tables of connoisseurs for the past 200 years. Today, the appellation is upheld by winegrowers in Ardèche who are proud of their history and roots and reveal the Marsanne and Roussanne grapes in the most beautiful way.


200 years 
of history

Originally still wines, 2 centuries ago the wines of Saint-Péray became sparkling and inspired artists and poets.

One colour
two wines

Saint-Péray is a single colour: the white of its grapes which ripen in the climate of Ardèche, gorged with sunlight and caressed by the mistral wind.

One Cru. One colour, but two styles brought together under the same banner.

The AOC Saint-Péray white wines express themselves as still wines but also, since 1829, as sparkling wines, each expressing freshness and generosity in its own way.

Freshness and balance born of the terroir

Discover the eternal white wines of Saint-Péray, born of a terroir at altitude.

The granitic hills rising above the historic clay-limestone terroir and an ideal climate, which balances between the cool of the north and the warmth of the south, are the perfect soil for the blossoming of the generous Marsanne vines and the delicate Roussanne vines.

This terroir combined with the ancestral know-how of the winegrowing families, some established here for many decades, reveal wines where vivacity rhymes with balance and elegance. 



Here long before us, Saint-Péray has crossed the years and the centuries.
Vintage after vintage, the AOC consolidates its place amongst the greats of the Rhone Valley.

Like snow, its wines are both eternal and fragile. Thus, their force is also the men and women who reveal and protect them.

Winegrowers with a long-term vision, respect for know-how and for working with the earth. Citizens who want to anchor their work in a local dynamic and a spirit of sharing and transmission.

Saint-Péray vigneronnes
Saint-Péray vignerons

The 'Maison des Vins et du Tourisme Rhône-Crussol'

Accueil et partage

In modern and welcoming facilities at the heart of Saint-Péray in Ardèche, come and discover the appellations: Saint-Péray, Cornas and Saint-Joseph.

Taste the wines of the winegrowers of these appellations, enjoy festive events on the theme of wine, participate in a fascinating weekend… This is a unique place to discover the way of life in the Rhone Valley represented by the generosity and sense of hospitality of the winegrowers of Ardèche. 

Cornas x Saint-Péray crus des cœurs du Rhône
Blancs éternels

An obvious encounter, a partnership of the heart

Saint-Péray and cornas

With a majority of Estates having a foot in the 2 appellations: this unique partnership in the Rhone Valley is above all a human adventure, with winegrowers linked by shared history, terroirs and culture.

Micro-terroirs of excellence where red responds to white, still to sparkling, elegant gastronomy to simple moments of conviviality. Cornas x Saint-Péray is a certain definition of balance and sharing, highlighted in the strategic and welcoming place that is the 'Maison des Vins'.


Aoc Cornas
ardeche hermitage
Confrerie Saint peray