17 Jul, 2024

In Vino VeriJazz

The summer jazz rendez-vous at Château de Crussol

Come discover, or rediscover, with friends, the SAINT-PÉRAY, CORNAS and SAINT-JOSEPH appellations that forge the winegrowing identity of our terroir.

In Vino VeriJazz is one of the highlights of the summer on the Chateau de Crussol site! A jazz concert, an ephemeral wine bar, and foodtrucks featuring local produce are on the program for this exceptional evening!

Winegrowing estates: Domaine Alain Voge, Domaine Leménicier, Domaine Verset A & E, Domaine de Lorient, Domaine Chaboud-Cellier, Domaine Courbis, Domaine Durand, Domaine du Tunnel, Domaine Matthieu Barret, Domaine Rémy Nodin, Cave de Tain, Domaine Johann Michel.

Restaurateurs: Barr Avel, La Ruche, Crêperie l'Hermine, Ferme de Chaléat, La Drez'In, L'Auberge de Crussol.


Adult: €7 (€7 admission, wine by the glass or bottle extra.
Free shuttle to Crussol site).
Wine by the glass or bottle sold by participating wineries.