15 Apr, 2024

Maxime Lemaux – restaurant Le Barravel

I find that Saint-Péray wines represent the elegance and finesse of Rhone Valley wines

AOC Saint Peray was a discovery for me, not being a native of the region, I learned to discover these white wines aromatic complexity. I think they represent the elegance and finesse of the wines of the Vallée du Rhône Valley wines.
As the appellation covers a small area, with a limestone and granite terroir, and is subject to the vagaries of the climate, expertise and respect for the terroir are essential.
the know-how and respect for nature of each winemaker make for unique and authentic wines. From each of them brings their own personality to the table, giving us wines that are different from each other, and for me as a chef, it's a pleasure to match these great wines with my dishes.