29 Feb, 2024

Flame-grilled leeks, mimosa style

Cave de Tain and Domaine de Lorient wines

We sublimate the traditional winter leek with this recipe imagined by the Auberge de Crussol.
It's a nod to the comforting, flavorful mimosa eggs of our childhood.

These grilled leeks, inspired by the traditional mimosa recipe, are an ode to simplicity and freshness. Sprinkled with tiny mimosa egg slivers, their golden surface is adorned with a touch of elegance and refinement, while the egg slivers add a melt-in-the-mouth texture and subtle fragrance.

To crown this symphony of flavors, delicate fresh sprouts add a touch of vivacity and color to this gustatory tableau. Their freshness and crunchiness add an extra dimension to this deliciously comforting dish.

To accompany these flame-grilled leeks, what better than a fresh, elegant white wine? Saint-Péray whites perfectly match the freshness and subtlety of this dish.
Their luminous golden color announces a delicate aromatic palette, blending floral and fruity notes, with a subtle mineral touch on the finish. On the palate, their silky texture and radiant freshness echo the finesse of grilled leeks, creating a harmonious and refreshing match.