Famille Pierre Gaillard
Pierre Gaillard

508 route de Bazin,
Lieu-dit : "Chez Favier"
42520 Malleval

Accueil caveau : All year round 
from Monday to Saturday 

Nestled in the heights of the medieval village of Malleval, the Pierre Gaillard family has a passion for steeply-sloping vineyards. Pierre Gaillard cleared the land and replanted the abrupt hillsides from the beginning of the 1980s.

He passed on his love of the beauty of the Rhone Valley landscapes and the purity of expression of the appellations to his 3 children. You can taste all the know-how of this family on the appellations of the northern Rhone Valley and even discover their passion for other steeply-sloping terroirs by visiting the estate.